Launching your business further, faster.

The IGNITE Community Accelerator helps local entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their business by providing opportunities to learn and grow. The IGNITE programs and events support entrepreneurship and fill gaps for people trying to build and grow businesses in New Mexico.

IGNITE 12-Week Program

The IGNITE 12-Week Program provides entrepreneurs with the business skills needed to move their companies forward, faster. The goal of the program is to provide training and support to entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of developing their business.


The 12-week program includes eleven full program days covering a variety of entrepreneurship curriculum:

  • Day 1 – Entrepreneurship 101
  • Day 2 – Exploring Your Business Model
  • Day 3 – Identifying Your Customer
  • Day 4 – Managing Your Business
  • Day 5 – Building Your Success Network
  • Day 6 – Financial Management
  • Day 7 – Marketing & Branding Your Business
  • Day 8 – Bringing It All Together and Telling Your Story
  • Day 9 – Developing Your Plan of Action
  • Day 10 – Preparing for Lift-off
  • Day 11 – IGNITE Day Practice
  • Day 12 – IGNITE DAY! Each company showcases their product or service and pitch their business to the community.

Fall 2016 Program

Program Facilitator: Leslie Hoffman
Program Dates: August 19 – November 11

Criteria to Apply

  • Start-ups and early-stage companies less than 3 years old may apply.
  • The business must have plans to grow by at least five full-time employees (FTE’s) in addition to the founder(s) or existing workforce within three years.
  • Non-profit organizations are ineligible.
  • Your business idea must be original work.
  • CNM and Non-CNM students are encouraged to apply.

Team: Putting together the right team is critical to any business. Some businesses that apply to IGNITE will already have a team in place and some companies will not. You are still eligible to apply to IGNITE if you are an individual or solo entrepreneur.

Business Model: Your business model explains how you make money with your product or service. If you have not started your business, it describes how you plan to make money.

Business Structure: You are eligible to apply to IGNITE if your company is still in the idea stage. If so, please discuss what you have done with the idea up to this point so we understand how far along you are in the formation of the actual company.

Apply to the IGNITE Community Accelerator

Submit an application for the Fall program between June 13 and August 5.


20 First Plaza Center NW Albuquerque, NM 87102 (map)