Launching your business further, faster.
Launching your business further, faster.

IGNITE Community Accelerator

IGNITE Community Accelerator

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Launching your business further, faster.

The IGNITE Community Accelerator helps local entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their business by providing opportunities to learn and grow. The IGNITE programs and events support entrepreneurship and fill gaps for people trying to build and grow businesses in New Mexico.

IGNITE 12-Week Program

The IGNITE 12-Week Program provides entrepreneurs with the business skills needed to move their companies forward, faster. The goal of the program is to provide training and support to entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of developing their business.


The 12-week program includes five full program days covering a variety of entrepreneurship curriculum:

  • Day 1 – Entrepreneurship 101 and Telling Your Story
  • Day 2 – Building Company Infrastructure
  • Day 3 – Marketing and Managing Your Business
  • Day 4 – Financial Literacy
  • Day 5 – Preparing for Lift-off

The program will culminate in IGNITE Day, where each company will showcase their product or service and pitch their business to the community.

Program Dates

IGNITE will launch applications in the fall of 2014 and will hold its first accelerator class in January 2015.

Apply to the IGNITE Community Accelerator

Criteria to apply:

  • Start-ups and early-stage companies less than 3 years old may apply.
  • The business must have plans to grow by at least five full-time employees (FTE’s) in addition to the founder(s) or existing workforce within three years.
  • Non-profit organizations are ineligible.
  • Your business idea must be original work.
  • CNM and Non-CNM students are encouraged to apply.

Please complete the application to the IGNITE Community Accelerator to the best of your abilities. If items do not apply to your business or idea at this stage please mark N/A. If you have questions about the IGNITE Community Accelerator Application or you are overwhelmed by the information requested, please contact our team at the CNM STEMulus Center or at 505.710.0530 and we will guide you through the application.

Team: Putting together the right team is critical to any business. Some businesses that apply to IGNITE will already have a team in place and some companies will not. You are still eligible to apply to IGNITE if you are an individual or solo entrepreneur.

Business Model: Your business model explains how you make money with your product or service. If you have not started your business, it describes how you plan to make money.

Business structure: You are eligible to apply to IGNITE if your company is still in the idea stage. If so, please discuss what you have done with the idea up to this point so we understand how far along you are in the formation of the actual company.

Companies that are chosen to participate in the IGNITE Community Accelerator are responsible for a $250 entrance fee and will be asked to participate in a revenue sharing program with CNM Ingenuity in order to cover the cost of the program.


The POWER UP YOUR IDEA Competition deadline is closed. Winners will be announced soon!

EXPLORER Speaker Series

IGNITE partners with local economic development organizations to help celebrate leaders who embrace the entrepreneurial business spirit through support of the EXPLORER Entrepreneur Speaker Series.

The EXPLORER Speaker Series will not only recruit national business leaders to share their stories, but will also feature the experiences of many successful entrepreneurs around New Mexico.

The speaker series will be mandatory for IGNITE Accelerator businesses and will also be open to the public.

LAUNCH Entrepreneur Workshops

The LAUNCH entrepreneurial workshops will be targeted, 1-2 hour intensive training sessions that will cover a variety of business topics from the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship curriculum:

  • The Power to Choose
  • Recognizing Opportunities
  • Ideas into Action
  • Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Creating Wealth
  • Building Your Brand
  • Creating Community
  • The Power of Persistence

The workshops also provide an opportunity for members of the community to gain valuable knowledge about entrepreneurship to help them operate in a fast-paced and constantly changing business environment. The workshops will be mandatory for IGNITE Accelerator businesses and will also be open to the public.

Company Showcase

HeartProTech Medical Jewelry

HeartProTech designs stylish custom medical jewelry that holds medicine & gives smart wireless alerts to 1st responders both electronically and in printed form.

As Girls Grow

As Girls Grow has designed a line of toys that use engineering concepts to encourage girls to be creative thinkers and problem-solvers.

Daisy Chain is a new Startup focusing on developing innovated technologies for cell phone accessories.

Andrew Fearnside Design

Fine design for interiors: beauty made sustainably, and sustainability done beautifully.

Valley Gurlz Goodz

Valley Gurlz Goods specializes in a variety of pickled products.


Makerkind is designing and developing a mobile 3D scanning kiosk to bridge the consumer knowledge gap and further the 3D technology industry.


We strive to challenge young people to Be Greater Than Average through Robot building camps and STEM & Life Achievement Planning workshops.

A Nice Move

A Nice Move LLC is a new moving company. We are licensed in the state of New Mexico.

Outpost Consulting/Buckledown

Buckledown is a pneumatic rapid sidewalk buckle repair apparatus/system.

This is Garbage

ThisisGarbage is a clothing and handbag company. We specialize in convertible bike bags & make everything locally from recycled materials.


20 1st Plaza Center NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102